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The Cause
The Beginning
Joining Forces
iSAT Systems Vision
iSAT Systems Mission
iSAT Systems Picks up Speed
ISAT Systems - Answer to the Problem
The Cause
The Cause

People with visual challenges face hardships everyday

The Beginning
The Beginning of iSAT Systems

The founders wanted to assist 'Disability' for the community

Joining Forces
Joining Forces

Confluence of expert minds and hearts to address the need

iSAT Systems Vision
iSAT Systems forms it's 'Vision'

'Striving for Dignified Lives.'

iSAT Systems Mission
iSAT Systems arrives at it's 'Mission'

'Innovate Solutions towards sustainable healthy planet for All'

iSAT Systems Picks up Speed
iSAT Systems pick up speed

Product prototype ready for testing

ISAT Systems - Answer to the Problem
Our answer to the challenge

Intelligent Eyewear to assist the visually challenged

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AI and VR Guided Assisted Vision Technology for the Visually Challenged

Making available "Intelligent Eyewear Assisted Technology" at an affordable price.

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The total global population of people with visual impairment and low vision is more than the combined population of Germany, France, UK and Switzerland together.

The Geographical Prevalence

For people with terminal visual impairment and low vision.

The Geographical Prevalence

The Global Numbers

Global Population with Total vision Impairment

People with Terminal Vision Impairment

Population with Low Vision

People with Low Vision

'Assistive Technology at Scale' to support the visually challenged.

Raison d'être - bring them back to mainstream

Societal Challenge
Lack of Clinical Means
Irreversible Loss of Vision
Dependency on others
Smart Glass

We at iSAT Systems have taken the challenge to empower visually challenged people with economic wearable devices using the latest technologies that can help them lead a normal life.

Assistive Technology At Scale

The 'How': Solution Set to Success

Our community-based approach will help us to develop the product at a fraction of the cost compared to the other available solutions in the market.

Leveraging available Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR) related technologies to innovate, engineer, and produce smart eyewear devices that will assist with awareness of surroundings, mobility, and directed navigation capabilities.

The system will communicate and interact with the user through audio outputs in local languages and haptic feedback. For the people using the device that is designed for low vision, the device will augment the existing visual capabilities with processed images in real-time capabilities.

Regular end-user feedback across India and from the rest of the world will ensure product effectiveness and usability.

The product is lightweight so that it can be used as a normal pair of glass. The effort is to make it robust for all-day use.

Lightweight, convenient, eyewear frame mounted with miniature scale camera, LIDAR/ RADAR/ SONAR, earphone/ MIC, etc., connected to a mobile phone that would function as the “brain” of the system.

The system will use standard android/ iOS mobile phone sensors like GPS, gyroscope, altimeter, power supply, and other supplementary technologies such as navigation to identify surroundings and assist navigation.

Our ideation process is strongly rooted in frequent interactions with a cross-section of world-class technical institutions and medical establishments across the globe to conceptualize, develop and deliver products meant to exceed the user’s needs and expectations.

The iSAT (Eco) System

The iSAT System community comprises global experts from diverse backgrounds like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Android/iOS, Internet of Things (IoT), Design, Data Science, Optics, Manufacturing, and Medicine.

iSAT Eco System

The iSAT Systems community comprises experts from diverse fields and backgrounds with decades of experience.

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